A Bit About Us

Beautifully handcrafted products and pretty dice. What's not to love?

Welcome to our store, we have been selling handcrafted goods at UK conventions since 2014, but our story began two years before then.  

In the summer of 2012 Ninja Nyan CosProps was founded by me (Eve), so I could realise my passion for making props and costumes.

In the subsequent two years we were commissioned to make a Maid outfit, an Elf costume for Chessington World of Adventures, 2D cutout of a boat, a Ziltoid latex mask, RWBY cosplay and a cycling glove prototype for a University student. Alongside working on commissions we had also started to make hair accessories, which we tentatively started to sell locally, but it wasn't until we attended a workshop at the Spring Knit & Stitch show 2013 that we started to be inspired by Japan, and art of paper folding, and we started to make Kanzashi's and Origami bags (which are now our dice bags)


We traded at our first anime convention in 2014, and from then have never looked back. On average we attend four conventions per year, and we look forward to discovering more to go to. If you want to find out where we're headed next, then keep an eye on our Events calendar.  

From that  workshop, to getting involved in the anime con scene, our retail side of the business has evolved continually. And we won't stop now, we're always looking to what we can do next. 

We hope you'll be able to find the right product for you, and if you can't, then send us a message, as we'll make it for you! Ready to start shopping with us?

The story behind the name

It was my husband (then fiance) who came up with the name 'Ninja Nyan'. Although he thought it would be the name of the first maid cafe in Uxbridge (where we used to live up until 2015)I added on the 'CosProps' on to reflect my interest in cosplay, costumes and prop making. 


  • Nyan in 'Ninja Nyan' is often mispronounced. It is pronounced like Nee-yan, not like Cyan. Nyan in Japanese is the noise that a cat makes. 

  • Dice is the plural of Die. Please don't say Dices. It makes us cringe.

  • You'll often see me referring to myself and the business as 'We' or 'Our'. I just wanted to clarify that there isn't another person, (well other than my husband who sometimes gets roped into helping at conventions), it's just me all on my lonesome, trying to make this business thing work.  

Credit for the lovely photo goes to Chlo